“CDC” Introduction & Update

Halloween Costume - Parenting Style

Hello hello!!

It has been a long year for all of us and I am ready to introduce myself and show you all what I will be creating for you and collaborating with The Beachy Quilter. 🙂

I started out looking for a job that I could do from home and that travels well, my husband is in the Air Force so we change home locations fairly often. I discovered vinyl and heat transfer vinyl as a create outlet that could potentially bring in some income down the road. I have always loved art and anything creative so I jumped in.

Courtney Does Crafts was born! (AKA “CDC”)
(Now anyone who has had any dealings with the military community will understand that we LOVE acronyms, and I am no exception.)
Courtney Does Crafts
My first ideas and projects were for myself and friends, then branched out to creating home decor signs and car decals for military community. I love making t-shirts and baby onesies with cute puns and even cuter characters. I have also thoroughly enjoyed working with military families to create their “Home is Where the Military Sends Us” duty station hanging signs.

Cream of the Crop - CDC Design BB MineLove at Frost Sight - CDC DesignVinyl Car Decal Home is Where your Poodles Are - CDC DesignsPainted Wooden Kitchen Signs961st AACS Holiday Ornament - CDC DesignsHome is Where... - CDC Designs Home is Where... - CDC Designs Home is Where... - CDC Designs

By this time I had been creating vinyl designs for a couple years and had caught the eye of our very own TBQ (The Beachy Quilter) “CEO” (Carries Everything Out) Eddie Greenlee (AKA my Dad). He wanted to know if I would be interested in creating some designs that might work with his new “Threader” Babylock Intrepid 6-needle embroidery machine. I thought to myself, “Sure! That sounds like a fun challenge!” and, as they say, we were off!

This Christmas we were able to get together and hash out the differences between creating a design for vinyl versus a design for his embroidery machine. Since we currently live in Utah and TBQ is located in Florida, and because both my Dad and I learn best hands-on, this delay was unfortunately necessary.

So I came to the table with, what I thought was, a simple design.

Cute Heart 1 - CDC Designs

After loading it up into the Art-n-Stitch program, Dad proceeded to teach me how to convert this simple image into an embroidery file.

Babylock Intrepid 6-needle Embroidery Machine

Now to test it out on “Threader”! (Insert lots of nail biting on my end, haha!)

Babylock Intrepid 6-needle Embroidery Machine

And more nail biting…

Babylock Intrepid 6-needle Embroidery Machine

And a little more nail biting, but it is really starting to look pretty good!

Cute Hearts 1 - CDC Designs

And there you have it folks! A completed embroidered design! Woohoo! I made something!

Cute Hearts Set 1 - CDC Designs

We played around with the different fill motif stitches and created a second heart (please excuse my scribbles, I was taking notes for myself, haha!). The beauty of this design is it is so easy to make matching designs, just change the fill motif and/or change the expression and then we have a set!
I don’t know about any of you, but this was EXCITING stuff for me! A whole knew world of creativity has been opened to me and I. Am. Stoked!

Well ladies and gentleman, that is my introduction to you all and a little update on the beginning of collaboration between Courtney Does Crafts and The Beachy Quilter. 🙂

Next update?
We collaborated to create a quilting design for a quilt Mom (Tracy Greenlee, AKA The Beachy Quilter) will be entering into the Southwest Florida Quilters Guild show in February of 2020!

Stay Tuned!!

-Courtney 🙂

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