Stitch Design
Assemble & Completion

Whether you have a assembled top that needs quilting or a quilt assembled from the beginning, The Beachy Quilter is the first source you should contact. We’ve done quilts and quilt accessories for the general public, executives and interior designers. Whether edge-to-edge or custom quilts we’ve seen our share of unique projects. So let us introduce you to Stella, our Gammill / Statler 14 foot Computer Aided Design (CAD) driven quilting machine. Stop by my stuido and see what you quilt might look like on our virtual design monitors.

Gammill / Statler

Quilting can also include embroidered blocks. With the addition of “Threader” (my husband’s idea of a macho machine name), a six-needle Baby Lock embroidery machine, we now have the best of both worlds.

Baby Lock Intrepid