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I'm Here for the Pie - CDC Design

“CDC” Introduction & Update

First time posting, long time follower, haha! I would like to introduce myself and talk a little bit about what I hope to bring to our family business and for all of you out in the world! 🙂

Aloha O Honu

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is famous in Hawaiian story-telling and a symbol of good luck. Learn more about and learn to love the Honu – “Aloha O Honu”.

Monogrammed Oxford

Memorable Oxfords

I see quilts in so many styles and fabrics. But memory quilts I recently made from oxford shirts will hold a special place in my heart for a long time.

Calling All Beta-Testers

We are busy creating new designs for multiple machine formats, we need beta-testers, help us and we can make it worth your while.

Japanese Umbrella by Michael Miller

Remnants of the Days

We fondly refer to fabric inventory as stash. Unfortunately over time they become remnants and for some the days have passed too quickly to finish intended projects.

Hello Again!

Well we have been on a wild ride for the last four years. Moving to Kauai, then to Naples, then running away from Hurricane Irma and almost Dorian. We are still very much adventurers. Let’s use reconnect and share our tales.