Hello Again!

Some of you may already know me through my site from a WordPress free theme at https://thebeachyquilter.wordpress.com/ where I blogged about our life changes, moving to Hawaii and then returning to the mainland to Naples, Florida. We are either Hobbits or Gypsies, we haven’t decided yet. I’ve shared photos of quilts I’ve made or those treasures I quilted for others.

However, that site had limited space and we have wanted to include a web store front to compliment our blog. I had a worldwide audience, but no real way to deliver products. Now, I am expanding to offer digital quilts and embroidery designs for a large number of machine formats.  Because of the growth of my long-arm quilting services, we are taking on a new adventure which to offer embroidery services. We didn’t stop there though, my husband has taken the opportunity to retire as a CPA and use his wide array of technology skills to add design and digitizing for quilting and embroidery machines, giving us a world wide presence for our brand of products and services.  He also built this site completely by himself integrating numerous plugins for email campaigns and eCommerce.

What this is all leading to is that we now have a much better internet presence than before, offering products that can be ordered and shipped, delivered as downloads, or as a virtual service.  Without further adieu, let us say hello again and we look forward to hearing from you.  If you are new to the Beachy Quilter or have not signed up for our newsletter, we urge you so that you can receive our newsletter filled with coupons and FREE stuff, such as free pattern downloads, videos, etc. 

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