Edge to Edge (E2E)

The most simple and least costly method of assembling the quilt top, the batting, and the backing is with a design that can start on the left edge and run continuously until completion on the right edge. However the E2E designs are almost limitless as designers (which includes Beachy Quilter) create CAD (Computer Aided Design) files to operate on a large number of digital quilting machines. We are no different, many of our patterns we have designed for ourselves based on unique customer quilt patterns.


All Quilts are evaluated before quoting a firm price.  The quoted price will include standard thread and outer edge basting.  Quoted prices may include batting as requested by the customer and specifically discussed.  The following is a guideline for you to estimate pricing.  We do not offer Free Motion quilting orders at this time.


  1. An E2E single design open pattern = $0.025 per square inch (Most Popular)
  2. An E2E single design dense pattern = $0.0275 to $0.04 per square inch


I prefer Quilters Dream or Warm and Natural brands, or you may provide your own quality batting. I reserve the right to select the batting I believe to be the best for your quilt.

Turnaround Time

I make every effort to maintain a completion time of two weeks or less depending on Season, thread and batting on hand, number of tops per customer, etc. If I cannot meet this time line, I will let you know before I accept the work. Season here in Southwest Florida runs from October to May each year.