Beach Glass


Beach Glass is a 60″ x 80″ lap size quilt, great for covering legs and arms during seasonally cool nights and mornings on the beach or lanai.

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Lap size quilts like this Beach Glass inspired quilt, remind us of the colors we experienced while living on Kauai.  There on the island is actually a beach glass beach from which weathered and worn color faded glass was collected.  Every winter night (that 59 degrees) you need a little something while enjoying your favorite cocktail or glass of wine to enjoy the rains, the sunset, or the spectacular clear nights and the brilliant milky way above you.  Quilts like this remind us of times special to our hearts and take us back each time our eyes make contact with the colors.

The quilt you see here is a one-of-a-kind with respects to its colors as fabric stock changes frequently. If you decide you want one, simply back-order it here and we will send you a picture of the fabric in stock, then pick your favorite edge-to-edge pattern from our digital design inventory guaranteed to make your Beach Glass quilt a one of kind.


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